Wednesday, 18 November 2015

In class a few weeks ago we did a quick write called Broken-Rock,Paper and Scissors. we had 4 different ways to write this quick write I chose to write a part of the story from rocks perspective  here is the video and my writing. This is to the video.

Scrambling through the dense, twisting  and unstable... I run into a clearing but  trapped. Next to me  paper.  I see scissors with a Squeal from the metal Working against each other. Paper dashes with speed trying to take scissors out but with a slash of a blade takes paper out.  I stamped and roared.  Leaped higher than ever before I put my hands is a first spiralling down Smashing scissors.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Market day

JPEG ImageToday we had a market day from creating product over the last few weeks. Some people did biscuits some juice but I did lime-o-nade and we got half an hour to try sell our product. Some people sold out and some didn´t. we had to think about price and also we made a brand and company mine is called splash. This is my poster. and this is me with my product.