Tuesday, 6 May 2014

When I sprained my neck

I screamed as I fell to the wooden floor.
Mum rushed in “what happened?” I was screaming I tried to speak “I fell from the tea towel rack and I can’t move my neck or it really hurts my neck” I was trying to say.

An ambulance was at our door. I was put in a stretcher and trapped with leather straps around my legs head and arms. I wrestled the straps like a stag. Finally we are there at the hospital. They unstrapped me but I didn't move I felt sick.

I was pushed inside a dark scary  room with an x-ray machine in the middle. I wanted my mum I felt scared.
They lay me down and took an x-ray, they said it was just a sprain ‘phew!’ I thought to myself that was a lucky one.