Friday, 17 October 2014

Why We Should Have zoo's

For zoo’s
Against zoo’s

zoo’s are important for endangered animals.
The animals can’t kill or survive if they are kept in a zoo. They only get feed meat
They can breed in a safe area.
The animals can’t live in there natural habitat.
They can save lives of animals that are not well.
Animals can live there right to hunt and live.

When animals are in zoo’s they can’t live in there natural habitat which is unfair for the animals.They can’t kill if they are in the zoo so if they get released into the wild they can’t survive.The animals don’t have their natural space to roam around in their habitat. They are not always happy in their cage/enclosure

Dance With Mrs Washington

My Rock Climbing Experience

My Rock Climbing Experience
Just before I went rock climbing I looked up and gulped Robert was next to me “wanna race”?
“a...a sure” I said unsurely “sweet” Robert won on the way up. But on the way down I won
and on the way up and down I won. On the first time up I looked down and I thought I would die and fall on my head. then we went to have fish and chips!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

When I sprained my neck

I screamed as I fell to the wooden floor.
Mum rushed in “what happened?” I was screaming I tried to speak “I fell from the tea towel rack and I can’t move my neck or it really hurts my neck” I was trying to say.

An ambulance was at our door. I was put in a stretcher and trapped with leather straps around my legs head and arms. I wrestled the straps like a stag. Finally we are there at the hospital. They unstrapped me but I didn't move I felt sick.

I was pushed inside a dark scary  room with an x-ray machine in the middle. I wanted my mum I felt scared.
They lay me down and took an x-ray, they said it was just a sprain ‘phew!’ I thought to myself that was a lucky one.