Wednesday, 11 March 2015

My favourite spot.

This is my favourite spot that we go to in the holidays
Saint Patrick's Cove

I remember skipping across the bay with my uncles, cousin, sister and dad on my uncles boat. I leaned down to skim my fingers across the water. The salty water  sprayed up hitting me in the face, so I went and hid in the front of the boat to avoid getting sprayed any more. I scrambled out from the front of the boat when it stopped. I saw an amazing place that was covered at some points of the cove, like huge rocks  above where we stopped the boat. The rocks were hanging there like giant bats. With the crystal clear water below the boat I could see the holes on the floor of the cove with little crayfish and small fish hiding among the seaweed.  I smelled the salty aura from the water and the horrible stench from the old fish the boat had previously caught. I  could hear the faint sound of the crashing waves outside of the cove, and the swelling of the small waves inside of the cove and felt the small breeze pushing against my face. I could taste the salty mist from the waves crashing outside of the cove. Back again to the batch

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