Thursday, 28 May 2015

Egg blog

In class we have being doing K.O.S. and for it we had to look after an egg as if it was a baby. We also had to make a blog about each day that we had for the week.

Day 1
This is the day that lil egg jr was born.

This is lil egg jr with his friends
Top: Jeff, slabs jr, egg benne, eggdar
Bottom: Lil egg jr, sir eggmun hillary, sir eggbrham lincoln and egg marly

Day 2 This is lil egg jr by himself.
Day 3
Lil egg Jr Is still alive.

Day 4
Lil egg Jr is still alive after the last Day

The jump

In class we have being doing a quick write about a boy jumping off a wharf and we had to write what we thought that would happen this is my piece of writing.

As I walk down the long old wharf , I look around and wonder what it was like when it was first built. I remember when I was there 2 years ago when the water had been all dirty and rough.

IMG_6976 (1).JPG
 As I peer over the side of the wharf, I think to myself I don’t want to do this any more. Splash! Cameron and Anton had already plummeted down. Shawn soon after. They all splashed into the  waves that were pounding onto the poles holding up the old wharf. Mum and Lisa were watching.

I go 4 steps down the ladder. The others all shout 3 2 1. I jump. Splash. I had done it. But not the whole way. I thought that I said in my head I don’t want to do this but I said it out loud.
I jumped the full way I shut my eyes I forgot to bring my arms in. Slap. ow ow ow ow ow. I go to climb up the ladder and I saw the seaweed and I went to skip that ladder
I thought in my head I have done it before so I can do it again. I jump again I open my eyes. When I jumped, it felt like, time was slowing down. As I plummet down into the water, The water got closer and closer, I hit the water, I sink down I start to push up I gulp up the air I had done it again. I swim to the ladder I look at the below and see the seaweed cling to the first step of the ladder I try to skip that ladder but I fail. It was time to go back to the site.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The save

In class we have being making a poem about sport. The actions would only take

about 10 seconds. We have also being learning about stanzas. For our success criteria we had to have 2 stanzas. Also we had to have a each verb on a new line.

This is my poem about hockey.

The save

10 seconds hanging on the clock.
The scores are locked on 2.1.
Slipping past the last of the defenders
Into the D
As the colossal pads stick to the socks
Sweat builds up in my socks
Ready's the forehand   
Smashes the ball
Places foot
Ready's for a save

And then
               And then
                                And then
Ricochets off kicker
Back to the player
The game goes on
No hammering
For the moment

Monday, 11 May 2015

To the unknown soldier

File:Red poppy 2.JPG

In class for the past few weeks we have been learning about ANZAC day and this is what is my writing that we have done over the past week. we have been writing about to the unknown soldier that is in the tomb at Wellington and we have asked questions, and wrote what we found out. This is my writing

To the unknown soldier
As I write this letter to you, I am thinking of how we are safe here in our class safe, warm, chatting and away from war. I am writing to you because I  want you to know that you are still remembered. I would like to share my thoughts with you and ask questions about what it was like.

Did you think that you were going on an adventure, were you exited? Did you have any relatives overseas, and did you think that you could see them again?  Did you have any loving family and was it very hard for you to   leave them? I know that I couldn't leave my family

 I cannot imagine What was it like to hear the deafening roar of the guns and the cannons?Bang. Was it a surprise for you when you thought you were going to France but you were going to a dry, hot and horrible place with layers upon layers of hot and crumbly and dry sand.

How did you feel when the army told you to shoot any of the turkish army when you had the chance to as well as stab them and murder? How did you feel when you heard the scream of the wounded soldiers and saw the dead that had littered the ground?

As I close my eyes I  can’t think of all of the blood stained rocks  ,dirt and barbed wire destroyed and stained with blood. As well as the massive holes that had been created by the artillery being fired.

It must have been like hell over there with all the deafening roars of the artillery and gunshots. Blood and bodies everywhere. Smelling the horrible stench of the trenches. With the rats scuttling through out the trenches.

how did you feel when you put on your uniform for the last time at Gallipoli proud to serve your country? or scared that you might fall in battle and never see your family again? Goodbye.