Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The save

In class we have being making a poem about sport. The actions would only take

about 10 seconds. We have also being learning about stanzas. For our success criteria we had to have 2 stanzas. Also we had to have a each verb on a new line.

This is my poem about hockey.

The save

10 seconds hanging on the clock.
The scores are locked on 2.1.
Slipping past the last of the defenders
Into the D
As the colossal pads stick to the socks
Sweat builds up in my socks
Ready's the forehand   
Smashes the ball
Places foot
Ready's for a save

And then
               And then
                                And then
Ricochets off kicker
Back to the player
The game goes on
No hammering
For the moment

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