Thursday, 10 September 2015

Character Vignette.

In class for the this week in writing we have been doing a character vignette this is my version.

Character Vignette

As I start sprinting closer and closer to the track, I heard the roar of the engines. I got to the wire fence. I stopped for a second then I put a hand on the wire, it started to burn on my fingers, ‘So cold I thought to myself.’ The sun split through the the bare trees, that looked like big bones all put together to make a bare tree, that made the low morning sun hit me right in the eyes. I put my hands on the wire and started to push it down for my legs to get over. I started to run to dad and Mike I could hear the crunching of the crispy leaves under foot I made sure nobody was coming as I sprinted across the hard concrete track I got to Dad and Mike.

‘Hi dad how are you?’ I asked happily
‘Good laddy. How are you?’ Dad asked
‘Good. Dad could I race round the track with you and mike?’
I had to shout now because a car was going past ‘No you can’t maybe next time.’ dad shouted.
Dad and Mike were putting on their helmets on and started going round the track.

I slumped back over to the slightly rusted fence. I rested my back into the fence and gripped the wires still piercing cold to the touch. I sit back and I watch Dad and Mike in envy as they are having such a great time. Mike accelerates with and the leaves on the path get launched into the air, and smacked me in the face. Mike laughed and dad followed through soon after, laughed I started to weep in my hands. I wanted to run home.

I ran home. Salty tears trailing behind. knocked on the door mum was there, I ran straight into my room.

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