Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A journey through the mind of Tosh.

This is my writing that we did a few weeks ago about us. Here is mine.

Take a trip inside my mind, a place where crazy and creative things happen, animals run wild and no rules and no violence between animals

At times my mind asks me questions how is gravity created? What would happen if you split an atom and what will happen? Is it possible to see a water molecule through a microscope.

I have 2 animals that I love.
I have a dog called Frank and he is a lab cross. My sister has a cat called Toby, he is a grump usually

I dream of an ultimate adventure where crazy things happen.  things twists and turns and stretch your mind to the limit

I wonder what my dog is doing at home sleeping or running round like a hyper dog with his pillow and tripping over himself or how much the world would have changed in 1000 years and what it was like 1000 year ago.

My hope is that I see what I could change when I am older and that people that I need help I can help.

I can often be found patting my dog or when my cousins are around playing with them and little cousins

When no one is watching
I do Nothing at all.

This year I want to be the best year because I have the teachers I wanted

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